GPS Software and Maps for Pocket PCs

Various websites offer GPS maps and softwares for your little handheld device so that, you can go on a long road trip, without any prior knowledge of the route. The maps in your pocket PC or your mobile phone or even your car PC will guide you at every turn that you make and take you seamlessly to your destination.Upgrading your GPS softwares and maps on your PCs and laptops is necessary. Upgrading these maps regularly will offer you access to the latest software that come equipped with a lot more features, than just the route guidance. In addition, your new device with lots of storage space will not be a complete utility gadget, until you have latest GPS software for navigation.An outdated version of a location map in your GPS software will not lead you to your destination. Roads, houses, towns, cities, streets are constantly changing and a map that was relevant last year may be completely useless today. So, to ensure that you are moving in the right direction during a long road journey, you must get an upgraded version of the GPS software or a map in your pocket PC.Several GPS navigation software is available free for the travelers on the World Wide Web. All that has to be done by a traveler is to download this software on their handheld devices, and get started for the much awaited long distance road trip. Updated software for the GPS maps will enable you to easily locate even the minute details – landmarks, streets, and location within a city. The current condition of the roads and traffic will also be an added information that you can get on your car PC or handheld receiver. In fact, these softwares have been evolved over time keeping in mind the special requirements of the travelers. This is the reason they can also alert the drivers as soon as they make a wrong turn. This intimation may be in the form of a text on the screen, a voice or a beep.There are some popular GPS softwares for navigation and route guidance. Earthcomber is a software program that allows the user to use Smartphone or blackberries to be used as the receiver. This software will elaborate on the ATMs, shops, hotels, restaurants and other landmarks that ensure a correct route. Garmap Win is GPS route guiding software that has been specifically made to work with a Garmin receiver. It offers a plethora of functions including creating route logs and managing waypoints. GeoTours allows the user to create his own tours and routes that contain images and text which are audio specific to the geographic location selected. Once the user creates that tour, it can be shared on the website with other users and travelers. GeoTours software is easy to use on your PDA, Garmin receiver, Smartphone or even your iPod.GPSDrive is excellent software that can be used with car, boat and plane navigation system with the help of a computer or a receiver. The user just has to download the software and locate routes on a map that can be zoomed to a desirable level for easy navigation.